Welcome from the Harris Family

We love to travel with family and friends, and there is always that one special trip that stands out amongst the rest.

Almost thirty years ago, we visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and fell in love with this very unique and beautiful area. There was something special about the Teton Mountains and the surrounding terrain that was unlike anything we had previously experienced. Never before had we seen such an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty. All of this together with a great climate made it a difficult place to leave.

We enjoyed Jackson Hole so much that we decided to acquire the Heart Six Guest Ranch just minutes from the Jackson Hole Airport and very near to both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Now we could share our discovery with our family, friends and guests.

Over the years we have worked towards making the Heart Six Guest Ranch in Jackson Hole Wyoming a very special and unique vacation spot that can be enjoyed during any season. Many couples and families alike have told us how unforgettable their Heart Six vacations have been. From snowmobiling and skiing in the winter, to trail rides, cookouts and float trips in the summer, Jackson Hole has it all!

We hope you join us for your next unforgettable vacation!

Millie and Brian Harris