Maria Petty - Heart Six Ranch
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Maria Petty

Maria Petty

Customer Service + Wrangler
Customer Service + Wrangler
  • Nashville, TN
  • January 24, 2020


∙ Experienced in Western & English seats | Knowledgeable in general horse care, tack, feed, etc. | Strong and dedicated worker willing to learn

Language & Culture

∙ Fluent in English & Spanish | Sensitive & respectful of other cultures | Global perspective built by living cross culturally


∙ Readily accepts criticism & learns from mistakes | Great communicator with populations from various backgrounds | Offer a safe & nonjudgmental conversational space | Easily find commonalities to engage further conversation & build relationships


∙ Excellent & stable multitasker | Works strongly in big groups and one-on-one | Precise planner with clear goals | Organized 


∙ Helps others achieve their goals & build towards progress | Effectively lead by action & motivation | Able to build camaraderie among clients & coworkers


∙ Understand Microsoft Office, including Excel, Google Docs, Mac software; Comfortable learning new programs | Excellent & accurate typist | Proficient in Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Phone Number


Masters in Organizational Leadership @ Trevecca Nazarene University
Feb 2018 — Aug 2019


Coordinator of International Students & Student Employment @ Trevecca Nazarene University
Aug 2018 — Dec 2019
∙ Created, coordinated, & executed orientation for new international students and student employment expectations for two years that allowed students to acclimate and understand U.S. culture, student visa rules and regulations, and on-campus employment standards and expectations.
∙ Hosted & taught 10-12 learning sessions and workshops throughout the academic year that helped students understand work and visa regulations, securing a U.S. driver’s license, and various other culture topics.
∙ Created & designed materials that simplified & efficiently explained difficult topics relating to student visa & on-campus work expectations for students and supervisors.
∙ Submitted an accepted proposal to alter a student employment program that was financially and holistically beneficial for the university and its students; requested to move all on-campus student worker positions to an online platform.
∙ Built solid & trusting relationships with over 70 international students.

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