A history forged from the landscape

Welcome to Heart Six Ranch

There isn’t a luxury ranch as authentic as Heart Six anywhere else in the American West, and we prove it with the richness of our heritage.

Founded in the late 1800s as an illicit trapping hideout, the ranch grew into an expansive cabin property by 1914. Then-owner Charlie “Beavertooth” Neil opened up a bargain store, a dance hall and an under-the-table gambling room, parts of we’re proud to still incorporate in our halls. The land passed hands from the 1930s to ’80s before it was renovated into its current incarnation in 1984.

While the quiet location was once ideal for trapping and gambling, it’s now an ideal getaway for families, couples, large groups and solo travelers. Our secluded property offers truly breathtaking views of the Buffalo Fork river snaking toward the Grand Teton mountains rising above the valley floor to an incredible 13,770 feet. We offer horseback riding, canoeing, whitewater rafting, game hunting and insider’s tours of Yellowstone National Park. After a gourmet dinner, you can relax with a glass of wine around a campfire and watch the spectacular sunset over the mountainscape.

Where we are

Our ranch is located on Buffalo Valley Road, a quick five-mile, eight-minute drive east of Moran, Wyoming, off Highway 26. We offer ground transportation to and from Jackson Hole Airport (30 minutes south) and, upon request, Idaho Falls Regional Airport (2.5 hours west).