The Bronze Boot Bar

06_1940 Young Buffalo Bill OS

The Bronze Boot Bar was purchased from Cody, Wyoming and brought to the ranch in the summer of 2016 by Frank and Ann Chapman soon after they purchased the ranch.

It was located in the Demaris Hotel which opened in 1901 making the bar over 115 years old. The Demaris Hotel was founded by and thus owned by Mr. Demaris. Mr. Demaris's daughter married Buffalo Bill Cody's son and thus when you sit and drink Scotch or Whiskey at the Bar you are sitting where Buffalo Bill Cody himself once had a drink after coming home from his world famous Wild West Shows.

In 1946 the Demaris Hotel was renamed the Bronze Boot Bar after Fritz Raun who was the 1940 All Around Cowboy Champion. He later joined the marines and was killed at Iwo Jima on February 28, 1945. It was his Bronze Boot from the rodeo that sat on the bar for many years. The Bronze Boot is on display at the Emery Hotel in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

According the the newspaper in Cody, Wyoming the following famous people were documented to have gone to the bar:

Wild Buffalo Bill Cody
Ralph Mooney - played steel guitar with Waylon Jennings and lived in the bar and played in the house band.
Buddy Allen, the son of Buck Owens
John Wayne's son, Wynn Stewart
LaWanda Lindsey
Susan Raye
Roy Rogers - King of Cowboys

The most popular songs in the bar:
Its a sin to tell a lie
Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
My Gal Sal
Sweet Sue, Just You
Sheik afo Araby
Lazy River