Heart Six Ranch is proud to be approved by the Wyoming Film Office to work hand in hand with the film, television and advertising industries bringing media production into the state. Heart Six Ranch is located on private property entirely surrounded by film friendly Grand Teton National Park; well-known for Academy Award Winning picturesque mountains serving as the perfect wilderness backdrop. The over 100-year old ranch still maintains the original trading post, cafe, lodge, and saloon providing authentic period settings for any Western themed movie. Horses and outfitting equipment are available on location on arrangement. Please access our webcam to see live views of the property.

The ranch is easily accessible via Jackson Hole Airport which is 28 miles away serving all major cities including Los Angeles and New York. We also maintain a full kitchen and a diner which can easily serve over 100 persons per day and the lodge accommodates 75 persons per night. Additional rooms are available nearby.

For additional details please email Frank.Chapman@HeartSix.com or call the front desk at 307-543-2477.