Terry, Heart Six Guest Relations Manager - Heart Six Guest Ranch
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Terry, Heart Six Guest Relations Manager

Heart Six Guest Ranch

Terry, Heart Six Guest Relations Manager

So, this really is Terry, Heart Six Guest Relations Manager.  I figured people were wondering who Terry is and what he is up to.  I have known Terry since I was six years old.  He was around 14 and taught me how to play catch using a baseball.  The issue is that he taught me how to catch using my head.  That is why I took up the sport of wrestling.

When I was young I had a pony named Sox and later a bunch of Quarter Horses.  Skip was mine and he looked just like Winston.  Oddly enough they both have the same personality.  I have to say, I like Winston a lot more!

Terry, Heart Six Guest Relations Manager is holding a Springfield Model 1892-99.  This one was manufactured in the beginning of the run and our friend “two tone Bill” found it at an auction in Wyoming.  Bill is great!  He finds us really cool stuff all the time.  He found us some Grizzly Bear Chaps last fall as well.  I will write a post on those later!  Anyway, this gun matches our Spanish American War Saddle.  The gun is a Krag-Jorgensen rifle of Norwegian design with a bolt-action.  It was adopted in 1892 as the standard United States Army military longer, chambered in U.S. caliber .30-40 Krag.  Again this was famously used in the Spanish-American War.  My mother has told me that my grandfather was in the Spanish American War as a cavalry unit member.

You can call Terry, Heart Six Guest Relations Manager at 307-543-2477 and book rooms, activities, or other questions.  But, you can also use this website to book activities and look up the weather simply by checking out the webcam.  Point is we are here to answer your questions and share our ranch with you all year round.  So, come on out and visit soon!!!

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