Wrangling of the Horses in front of the Buffalo Valley Cafe - Heart Six Ranch
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Wrangling of the Horses in front of the Buffalo Valley Cafe

Wrangling of the Horses in front of the Buffalo Valley Cafe

Right in front of the Buffalo Valley Cafe during the summer Heart Six Dude Ranch wrangles up the horses in between 730 and 800 am in order to get them saddled up for guest trail rides and drives them down the middle of the street.  You can book these trail rides even if you are not staying at the ranch right on this website.

In 2017, Heart Six Guest Ranch determined that we would like to own all of our horses for the safety of our guests and the horses.  The reasoning for this is simple.  When an outfitter rents horses they do not know what they are getting each year, but when they own them they can make certain that they are keeping only the best horses, buying only the best horses and maintaining horses that are the safest possible experience for our guests.  In addition to this concern keeping our family of horses together allows them to bond and keep diseases from being passed from outside of the herd of horses.  Each Spring we vaccinate our horses for five different illnesses and take care of other health concerns.  Again in the fall each horse is attended to as well.

The horseback rides at Heart Six Dude Ranch start every two hours beginning at 8 am and continue until 7 pm at night all summer long. We also have rides that are longer including our half day ride and our all day rides.  You can even book a private ride by calling the front desk at 307-543-2477.

One of my favorite parts about horses is that they each have personalities which are more developed than even your dog.  Winston, Deadeye, Pale Face, and Diablo are all very special to me, but there are so many more that we have grown close to that if you ask each one of the wranglers they will each give you a different answer.  There is even a horse they called Big Butt Judy, but everyone calls her Rasputia from the movie Norbit. Diablo despite only being two is a foundation all black Quarter Horse who last year completed his first trail ride.  He is already 15.2 hands which is a rather tall QH.

The point of this video is that you can hang out on the front of the Buffalo Valley Cafe and watch the horses for free while having a great big yummy old fashion breakfast from a 100 year old Diner.

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